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City of Books is a podcast in which host, author and journalist Martina Devlin, talks books to all sorts of people who believe books matter – and that you can never have too many books.

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One City One Book plus Finance Ministers Books at Bedtime

We snoop along Paschal Donohoe’s bookshelves and we also hear from Christine Dwyer Hickey, author of Tatty – Dublin One City One Book choice for 2020 – about how alcoholism shapes an entire family.


Ships at a Distance Have Everyman’s Wish On Board: Writer and editor Sinéad Gleeson talks Tatty – as well as her experience when The Long Gaze Back was the 2018 One City One Book choice. – in the first of four City of Books podcast extras. Weekly to coincide with Dublin’s One City One Book programme featuring the novel by Christine Dwyer Hickey.


If You’re A Child You Know Where The Power Is: Author Carlo Gébler talks about The Country Girls Trilogy, written by his mother Edna O’Brien, which was the 2019 Dublin One City One Book choice. He also speaks about children feeling powerless in an adult world, and shares some life lessons from 30 years spent teaching in prisons.


South Dublin Noir Meets White Knuckle Crime – Author and journalist Sinéad Crowley speaks about the Dublin One City One Book initiative, reveals some of her favourite choices over the years, and also talks about her Detective Claire Boyle crime series.


The Child’s Eye – Marita Conlon-McKenna is the much-loved author of many books for children and adults. They include her children’s classic about Ireland’s Great Famine, Under The Hawthorn Tree. She talks here about the magic of storytelling, why famine stories continue to grip us and the powerful use of the child’s voice in Tatty – the 2020 Dublin One City One Book choice.


Presented and produced by Martina Devlin

They are available on the usual platforms including Apple and Spotify.