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Growing up in Late Twentieth Century Ireland

What can we learn about growing up in Ireland from the Dublin One City One Book for 2020, Tatty by Christine Dwyer Hickey?

An online panel discussion of how this novel reflects the history of Irish childhood in the 1960s and 1970s. To provide context, Dr Carole Holohan (TCD) will explore Irish youth in the long 1960s while Dr Ruth McManus (DCU) will discuss housing families in suburban Dublin. Dr Marnie Hay (DCU) will consider how the novel provides insight into Irish childhood in the late twentieth century. Hosted by Dr Beatrice Scutaru (MU), the session is an initiative of the Museum of Childhood Ireland and DLR Libraries. This was originally broadcast as a webinar on the 7th December 2020. The live Q&A session from that webinar has not been included in this recording.