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City of Books Podcast with Rónán Hession



Anyone expecting something insightful from an interview with Rónán Hession, author of the 2021 One Dublin One Book choice for Leonard and Hungry Paul, won’t be disappointed.

His quirky, reflective world view informs his interview with Martina Devlin for the City of Books podcast.

“One of the brilliant things about books is that you can buy a book by the very best writers and if it still costs a tenner – it doesn’t cost any more than bad writing,” says Rónán.

“If you want to buy very good quality clothes they cost more, or live in a very well designed house, or go to a very fancy restaurant, there’s a price difference.

“But in books you can buy the greatest literature in the world for the same cost as a more commercial or more disposable product. So there’s no price difference, there’s no barrier – and if you’re in a library you can get it for free.”

Rónán also talks about the importance of kindness in his life, which he first experienced as a seven-year-old after his family lost their father.

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