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Book Club Questions – Snowflake

Download Book Club Questions (PDF, 729KB)

Snowflake is populated with vivid characters – which character made the strongest impression on you and why?

In which ways does Snowflake examine a generation?

How does Snowflake explore sex and consent?

Debbie has a complex relationship with her mother, how did you feel about the way this is explored on the page. How is the idea of family challenged in this novel?

Who influences Debbie most in Snowflake? How did you feel about the decisions she made throughout the narrative?

How does Snowflake explore the idea of home? And the conflict between the city and countryside?

How is the idea of shame explored in the novel?

What role does religion, superstition and dreams play in Snowflake?

How did you feel about the portrayal of Debbie’s own struggles here, and those of the people around her?