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About Us

One Dublin One Book is a Dublin City Council initiative, led by Dublin City Libraries, which encourages everyone to read a book connected with the capital city during the month of April every year.

Book Selection Criteria

A title should:

  • have a connection to the city either through the author/s or content of the book
  • lend itself to the organisation of a wide range of associated events
  • have as broad an appeal as possible
  • be in print and easily available
  • have a publisher partner willing and with the capacity to be involved

These are the only criteria employed in choosing the book. All suggested titles, regardless of whether written by men or women, are matched against these criteria and judged accordingly. No title is discriminated against based on the gender of the author.

How titles are suggested

  • Each year we invite the general public and library staff to suggest titles and we also invite Irish publishers to make suggestions.
  • Suggested titles are considered against the criteria and some are advanced in discussions with publishers and their authors.
  • Following a careful consideration of the suggested titles, the final selection is made by consensus between the City of Literature team and senior library management. The selected title is then recommended to the City Librarian for approval.

Get in Touch

If you have suggestions for future titles or would like to know more about One Dublin One Book please contact:

Dublin UNESCO City of Literature,
Dublin City Libraries, 139-144 Pearse Street,
Dublin 2